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Fashion Photographer

So, you're a model or a fashion brand and looking for a fashion photographer? I may be the photographer for you! Whether you're looking for an editorial fashion shoot or a commercial lookbook styled fashion photographer, I specialise in a range of styles. With my captivating use of colour and one-of-a-kind vision, I could be the ideal photographer for your next project! 


About Me:  A British Portrait & Fashion Photographer 

I have been passionate about photography and started working in the industry as a Fashion Photographer in 2017. For me, the perfect photoshoot is a combination of creative vision and exceptional skills. This thoughtful approach to photography is one of the reasons why I have developed a reputation as a respected and disciplined Fashion and Portrait Photographer.

Clothing Photoshoot?
I've Got You Covered!

I attribute my unique style of photography to my love of taking inspiration from a range of other art forms, in particular music, film and TV. My style incorporates creative lighting, captivating colours and mesmerising angles to achieve a style like no other.

To see my work for yourself, view work on location by viewing Book I and examples of my studio work in Book II.

To discuss your ideas, please email me on or you can contact me via my online form. I can't wait to see what we can create together!

Amy x

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