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Where To Find Inspiration For Photography

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Inspiration is all around us. Wherever you look, you could be discovering inspiration for you next photoshoot. You could find inspiration in nature, in others' work or in other forms of media. There are so many sources of inspiration that we can sometimes find ourselves in a creative block because we don't know where to turn. But fear not, I have compiled a list of all my favourite ways to find creative inspiration. I hope you find them as helpful as I do!

Search Pinterest For Picture Inspiration

An easy way to discover inspiration for your next photoshoot is to consult Pinterest. This website has been a saviour to me in so many ways and has granted me so many amazing ideas. There is nothing more relaxing than scrolling through, saving images and creating mini mood boards.

Most of the time, I find that I come up with a photoshoot idea from one image. Then I build upon that image by finding others that are similar and evoke the same emotions. It snowballs into a fully fledged idea thanks to that one image I stumbled upon and before you know it you have a shoot ready to go! If you aren't on Pinterest already, you're missing out.

Conduct Photography Experiments

By photography experiments, I don't mean pull out your lab coat and protective goggles. Instead, I mean try something different. Experiment with different angles, colours, lenses and so on.

I find it helpful to browse the most recent images I have taken. I note down what features and techniques they all have in common... and then plan to do the opposite. If I always shoot with my 55mm lens, I will instead use my 28 mm lens. If I find that I always photograph at eye level, I will experiment with new angles. You get the idea.

By experimenting with things you do not normally do, you will experience new ways of working. This will grant you tonnes of photography inspiration for your next photoshoot. You never know, you may just find a new way of working.

Music Creates Great Ideas For Photoshoots

The number one way I find inspiration for my photography is through music and film. When I listen to my favourite music, I experience something called synaesthesia which is when the stimulation of one of your senses triggers the experience of another sense. To put this in simple terms, when I listen to music or hear sounds, I see colours. Therefore, by combining the mood and subject of the song with the colours that I am able to visualise, I am able to devise ideas for photoshoots.

If you don't experience this, it doesn't mean you can't use music to your advantage when creating photography ideas. Like I mentioned, think about what the song is about? What emotions is the artist single about? How can you put these things into a visual image. How can you tell the story of the song through an image? With that in mind, now go and listen to your favourite songs and see what you can come up with!

Take A Walk

Clear you mind and take a walk. Immerse yourself in your surroundings for a little while. Then, when your mind is clear, why not think about how you could utilise the environment you find yourself standing in. How could you use that current location in a shoot? Think outside the box and try to discover how you could transform the mundane into something interesting.

If you begin to struggle, move to another place. Think about these things until you come up with a fun idea of how you could use this location. It will be difficult at first, but this will get you in the creative mindset and will help you to think outside the box.


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