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What I Am Listening To: Week #3

Updated: May 14, 2022

A new week, means a new set of songs to listen to. Much like many other weeks, I have been listening to a variety of different genres of music. It was hard to narrow down what I am listening to in order to make this short list.. here is a small snap shot.

Stay by Angel Du$t

There's something about Angel Du$t that is just so infectious. Their songs are short, sweet and fuelled with high amounts of energy that can't be matched by many bands. This song is one of my favourites off of their album 'Rock the fuck on forever'; it blends together elements of hardcore, punk and this song in particular really encapsulates the name of the album. It's a pure rock anthem which you can imagine crowdsurfing and mic grabbing to at a gig.

Another reason I really love Angel Du$t is for their slick clean vocals and crunchy guitars- I can't get enough of this song because of those reasons exactly. It's such a short song it almost angers me because I just want MORE. Compiled of members from Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile and Mindset, Angel Du$t are THE supergroup.

'Curtains' by BLOXX

I first heard BLOXX whilst on an early morning drive at 2am, driving with my drunk friend sat beside me in the passenger seat. (Yes, i was stone cold sober of course). What really captured my attention was their Alt- Rock sound, which had indie vibes woven throughout. The front woman has a really fresh new vocal sound that this genre is lacking at the moment- BLOXX are bringing something new and youthful to the table. Still, after releasing a few more songs months after this drive I had, they have continued to stick to that raw sound and it's definitely prevalent in 'Curtains'. I love the lyrics "She don't like it when i tell her 'no' , it proves the front woman Elle is an angsty bitch. Yes girl! 'Curtains': it's punchy, angsty and actually shows that something interesting is coming from this scene... finally.

Supermodel by SZA

I love SZA, she is the strong, independent female figure all girls need in their lives. Like Beyonce. This song diverts away from her strong woman identity to someone who is a little insecure- just like all of us. 'Super model' discusses the insecurity that past relationships tend to leave us with; the feelings of not feeling good enough for someone, not having that super model glow we are all dying for and the lonliness of not getting attention from the person we want it from.

'Supermodel' is a song that both men and women can relate to. Lyrics like "Why am I so easy to forget like that?" , "Leave me lonely for prettier women, you know I need too much attention" and "I could be a super model if you believe, if you see it in me" reflect feelings that everyone has from time to time. This is why everyone should listen to SZA. Her songs, and this one in particular, are real and honest. She doesn't hide from the truth and doesn't shy away from writing about her raw emotions exactly how we all experience them. I particularly loves the simply strummed guitar chords in this song and soft drum beat that is introduced at the end of the song.

Big Lie by Post Malone

'Big Lie' is the best song on his album 'Stoney'. Hands down. The melody, his voice, the calming atmospheric backing track and everything in this song is just so serene. It's a song that I loved on it's first listen and was instantly obsessed with. I don't really know why I love it as much as I do, but my god. Post Malone you are a wonderful soul.


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