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What I Am Listening To: Week #2

Updated: May 14, 2022

This is what I am listening to this week. Admittedly, unlike my first 'What I Am Listening To' blog, it's not a lengthy list. I have had an ear infection from hell, so listening to booming music hasn't been my number one priority. But when I have been keen to kill my eardrums, here are the songs I have been enjoying. No loud hardcore bangers for me this week- maybe next time!

Will I Ever Stop Listening To Sad Songs?: 'I Miss You' by Clean Bandit ft Julia Michaels

I am no fan of Clean Bandit but I am a fan of Julia Michaels. That's the reason why I checked out this song; I was intrigued to see what Julia could bring to the table. I hoped she could add something fresh to enhance Clean Bandit's sound. She did just that and to my surprise I loved the song on the first listen. I still do after many more.

The multi layered vocals alongside Julia's emotional lyrics really hits you right where it hurts. The melancholy mixed with the tropical beats juxtapose each other perfectly to bring the song to it's chorus where we hear a catchy hum which will linger in your head for a long time after listening to the song. I can guarantee that if this song plays at clubs there will be many drunken girls (or guys) sobbing along to it.

A Song That Offers Raw and Witty Talent: 'Party Favor' by Billie Ellish

I first heard this song on 'Mahogany Sessions' and I was struck by the soothing vocals alongside the sweet shimmer of the ukulele. Admittedly, I love this version a lot more than the recorded version.

Billie performing in an abandoned warehouse alongside her brother is hauntingly beautiful, especially when he offers the harmonies which add that extra depth and dimension. Billie's vocals are indulgently rich and raspy but with the ukulele she manages to sound so delicate too. It's hypnotic. How is she only 15 though?

What I Am Listening To When Being Productive: 'Phase Shift' by Joe Corfield

I love this album, it is the perfect album to just stick on whilst you're completing an essay or chilling out in bed. It's jazzy with elements of hip hop which are reminiscent of Flume's first album. It's the fusion of genres combined into one impressive album which makes Phase Shift a release that anyone can enjoy.

Put it on the background whilst having friends over or entertaining guests. It creates the perfect backdrop which would compliment a deep glow ambiance. Or, do what I do. Pop the album on in the background when you're trying your best to be productive and complete university assignments. Never under estimate the power that music can have on your productivity!

Supporting Local Musicians: 'She Never Lies' by Sarpa Salpa

Sarpa Salpa are an alternative indie band from my hometown of Northampton. I have been to many of their gigs and this has always been the song which caught my attention the most, so you can imagine how excited i was when i found out that they released this as their second single. The production is marvellous, the vocals soar throughout and the synths add an extra magical touch to the song.

The quote "punchy riffs and rhythms caked in dreamy synths layered with celestial vocals" from their Facebook bio really sums up this song. Northampton lads are doing me proud right now!

So now you know the music I have been listening to this week, I would love to know what you have been enjoying!


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