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What I Am Listening To: Week #1

Updated: May 14, 2022

Here is a list of all songs I have been enjoying this week.

A Song For Those Needing A Heartbreak Anthem: 'Decline' by Raye ft Mr Eazi

Raye is a bad bitch and all of her songs make me feel like one too. 'Decline' features a collaboration with Afro-beat rising star Mr Eazi and is a hearty re-work of the noughties classic by Ja Rule and Ashanti ‘Always On Time’.

The song discusses the issue of having ex lovers blowing up your phone every hour of the day and the pride you feel when you know that you're the best girl they will ever have. It really makes me want to break up with my boyfriend just so I can see his name light up my phone screen so I can decline his phone call. (Yes... really!)

'Decline' empowers me and makes me want to be a stronger, more independent woman who doesn't need my boyfriend calling me up 24/7. I love you Raye- I always have- but it's going to have to take many more bangers to persaude me to be an independent, feisty woman like you.

Legends Coming Together To Create RnB Fire: 'Lemon' by N.E.R.D ft Rihanna

"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off"

Pharrell and Chad Hugo’s side-project, N.E.R.D, is a funk rock rap outfit taking the scene by storm- especially after releasing 'Lemon' which is the embodiment of sass.

Rihanna's attitude on this song is second to none. The Minaj inspired finesse as she spits Pharrell’s hook better than he does brings out her inner swagger and highlights the reason why I desperately need to hear more of Rihanna's rapping in the future.

A Beautiful Emo Anthem: 'Dream Of Me' by Holding Absence

An emo anthem with a huge, powerful chorus. Holding Absence's deeply haunting, poetic lyrics manage to pull on my heart strings every time I listen to this song, yet it still makes me want to have it on repeat despite the sadness it brings me every time. Holding Absence's songs are truly addictive and are bringing a much needed breath of fresh air into their genre and I can't wait to hear what they have in store in the future!

The Return Of The Hardcore Kings: 'Real Thing' by Turnstile

I am so happy that these hardcore babes have brought out a new song which doesn't make me regret the tattoo I have on my wrist dedicated to them. It is fuelled with their usual groovy riffs and amazing bass tone that I love them for and it definitely makes me even more excited about the thought of them bringing out a new album and hopefully touring the UK soon.

An Easy Pop Song: 'Lonely Together' by Avicii ft Rita Ora

'Lonely Together' is a summer kind of jam which unfortunately I'm now listening to on a cold November afternoon. It doesn't really have the same effect that a summer day would, lounging in the garden with your sunglasses on whilst holding an ice cold beverage. Nonetheless, this song still makes me want to dance around as though the sun is shining and I have no cares in the world.

Although I am not a fan of Rita Ora, she does a good job in this song. Maybe it's the auto tune, but this song actually surprised me with how good her vocals were in the pre chorus especially where she sings "I may hate myself tomorrow, but I'm on my way tonight" which is a lyric which is relatable to many of us.

To summarise, it's an all round good poppy dance song, I'm sure that sells it to most people.

A Song To Head Bang To: 'Thanks For Nothing' by Bent Life

There's not much to say about this song, other than it is hard. It makes me want to go to a hardcore show to spinkick and punch my anger away. Every time I listen to this I find myself turning into an anger ridden beast- that's exactly what every hardcore song should do, right?

A Song To Get You Grooving: 'MICHUUL.' by Duckwrth

"So what do you want to be when you grow up? Michael Jackson"

Boy, this song makes me want to grab my crotch and thrust it to the air like MJ. Short, tight trousers; pulled up white socks and everything. It makes me feel like a groove master. The verses are the highlight of the song; they are packed full of funky grooves and are so infectious you cannot help but nod your head with pure satisfaction. Yet again this is another solid release from Duckwrth, he's done me (and Michael Jackson) proud .


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