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Getting The Best Holiday Snaps

Summer is fast approaching. The sun is beginning to shine a little longer. It is getting warmer and we are switching to our spring/summer wardrobes. We all know that when these things start to happen that our summer holidays are just around the corner. With that means we will start digging out our cameras more often to capture fun moments and memories.

If you are going on a holiday this year, regardless of whether the destination is on the other side of the world or just a few hours drive away, you will want to capture holiday snaps. Images of your holiday are the perfect things to capture to help you remember all the fun moments ready to look back on in the future and to share with friends and family when you're home.

If you are like me you will print out your holiday photos and put them into a scrap book. Admittedly, I am old fashioned and think there is nothing better than a thick book filled with smiling faces and my favourite experiences with my favourite people. So if you will be jetting off soon and want to take the best holiday snaps ever, here are a few tips and ideas for you!

Capture The Natural Habitat

Imagine you are taking a trip to London, for example. As amazing as they are, any of us can get an image of the London Eye or Big Ben from the internet.

Something that is not as easy to find online is images of the less visited spots, the places where the locals hang out. Not every photo on Google can capture the locations authenticity and atmosphere. Take a walk off the beaten track and see what hidden gems you can find. These locations make for brilliant holiday pictures and inspire your friends to do the same on their next trip as they are dying to find that small hidden gem you found on your trip.

As well, engage in street photography. I know this may not be everyone's cup of tea. But, a lot of us when we go to new places, find ourselves just taking pictures of us, our friends and family. Forget the selfies and turn your camera around. Take some pictures of the locals. These people really embody the spirit of the place your are visiting. They can help you remember just what it was like to be there.

Keep It Candid

Posed holiday pictures are brilliant and make for good pictures to pop in a frame for Grandma on her birthday. But candid images are just that little bit better.

Capture your friend when they aren't looking and are running int o the sea. Capture their natural smile. Their natural expression as the cold sea hits their hips. These candid moments offer moments of pure gold on camera.... and can make for some hilarious expressions and moments too.

... But Not Always

Yes, like I mentioned, I have nothing against posed pictures. They are perfect for those moments you would like to capture yourself in front of famous monuments, for example. They're good for having on your phone just to show your friends you have been there. They make great phone wallpapers too.

Getting a mixture of posed and candid helps you get a large variety of images completely different from one another. It's worth playing around with both styles and seeing for the results.

Bring Back Disposable Cameras

For a classic and nostalgic look, why not invest in a coupe of disposable cameras for your trip? When using your phone or a digital camera for photos of your holiday, you can find yourself taking many shots. Snap, snap, snap. You could be stood there all day just waiting to get a shot where every member of the family likes how they look.

With a disposable camera, you cannot view the image on the screen. You have to wait until you have the film developed. Therefore, you have more time to enjoy your holiday! Just one quick snap and off you go.


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