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The Entity Academy Mentorship Scheme Taught Me This.

Updated: May 13, 2022

Over the past month I have been living the high life in Los Angeles at the Entity Academy Mentorship Scheme; I may not have been brushing shoulders with celebrities but I've totally made the most of my time here. It's been a crazy ride and probably the best summer of my life thus far. But aside from the sight seeing and late night photo sessions, I have learned a number of things thanks to my time here.

Career Clarity

Working 9 to 5 has been hard and no where near as stress free as Dolly Parton made it out to be. Riding the buses to and from work has also been a chore but, aside from that, the Entity Academy has helped me gain clarity regarding what I want to do with my future.

Over these four weeks, I have discovered that I don't want to be sat at a desk all day. I don't want to be glued to my laptop for so long that my eyes begin to dry out. I need to be being social, active and creative every day because an environment that doesn't do this stifles my creativity and my motivation almost instantly.

It's this kind of job which will not suit me at all and knowing that will now help me navigate my future much better.

Self Confidence

Before coming to LA I was the kind of girl who hung around with guys for most of her time. I could relate to their masculine energy and would laugh at their stupid fart jokes. But, it wasn't until coming to LA that I felt deep connections with girls. By being surrounded by amazing females in the Entity Academy Mentorship, I gained confidence in myself; their uplifting spirits which empowered me to feel secure in my identity.

Their encouragement and constant kind words encouraged me to believe that I can take my photography further and these girls were vital in helping me grow- it's those you don't expect who are the best mentors.

Furthermore, it sounds cliche and so un-British of me, but I have learned a lot about myself here. I have come to Los Angeles all the way from London; this is the first trip across the world I have taken completely on my own. I have had to grow up super quickly and navigate everything by myself. I already live by myself at university so I didn't think coming over here would change anything, but being across the world really does that for you- I would now recommend to anyone that they should do it because I now feel much more secure in myself!

SEO? Completed it, mate.

I have studied Media and Communications every year since I was 15, but before now, I hadn't heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It's a vital part of digital media thus making me wonder why it's taken me so long to learn about it.

It seems it's that dirty little secret my lecturers have been forgetting to share with me, but thankfully Entity was here to help me. Technical skills like these are certain to help enhance my CV as well as help when it comes to spreading the word online about my blog.

As soon as I get home, I plan to pour myself a cup of tea and get working on the perfect SEO strategy for my own personal blog- my internal nerd cannot wait!

It's Who You Know

Over the four weeks, we have met countless different people. Writers, reporters, actors and poets to name a few. They have all discussed their careers and how they gained all of their success and have shared their wisdom with the group. Some have even been kind enough to share their contact information so that we can get in touch with them should we need more advice which is invaluable.

However, networking is not always just about meeting those who are already at the pinnacle of their career. Those taking part in the Entity Academy Mentorship scheme are also a vital resource- you never know who knows who. By building connections with these people, we have valuable contacts for the future should we need to reach out to anyone for help or advice. The same goes for them. You never know when they may choose to call you... it may just be your dream job they're about to offer you. Therefore, not only has this experience taught me the power of networking, but also the importance of gaining general friendships with people you work with too.

Thinking back over the last four weeks is crazy. I have learned so much. Made so many friends. Attended a Zumba class (which is so not me) and enjoyed it. I have given a presentation to around sixty people.... and flown a plane!

In this short amount of time I have achieved so many things that I didn't think I would be ballsy enough to do and feel so proud of little me for doing that.

Thanks Entity. Thanks LA- I hopefully will see you soon!


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