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This Is How To Overcome Your Creative Block

Updated: May 10, 2022

So I'm assuming you're reading this article because you are in a moment of need. It's okay, we've all been there! Being in a creative block is stressful. We can all relate to the feeling of that itch you just can't scratch but fear not, I am here to help because I am totally qualified. I spend more time thinking about what I should take pictures of than actually photographing

Anyway, when I'm in this moment of turmoil, I have learned that this is how to overcome your creative block:


I'm assuming that we have all read a book (or something similar) in our lifetime. Therefore, try thinking back to the time you read a cool book, article or magazine. Think about the themes in these pieces of writing. How you could take these themes and make them in to images? Making links like this is super helpful at evoking some great ideas in your mind, so go for it, get out of that creative block with your head in a book!

But if reading is not your thing, watch a film instead. Again, take inspiration from the films' visuals, themes, music and so on. Read this article to see how I created a shoot inspired by the movie 'Drive' and the genre Neon Noir.

Listen to Music

Similar, to the point made above, when I'm in a creative block, I find myself turning to music; immersing myself in other creative mediums proves useful for me. Again, I think about the themes of the song. Love? Hate? Partying? Now think about how you could put these feelings and stories into an image or other creative ideas. As well, when listening to music try and imagine how you make a music video for this song; once you have conjured up the imagery in your mind, you could well have just come up with a great idea!

Mind Map Creative Ideas

Everyone loves a mind map. So make one. Have a look through work that you have shot in the past and mind map ideas of how you could develop on that idea and create a 'part 2' photo series, maybe? Additionally, it's a good idea to simply mind map subjects that you enjoy shooting or list some of the work from your favourite photographers. Doing this will make you think back to shoots you have enjoyed and also will encourage you to think about a style you love to look at but maybe haven't shot before. Note every little thing down- it's sometimes the small ideas which make the best art work and (hopefully) help you out of your creative rut.

Tear Down Blocks To Creativity

If you always shoot one thing, shoot the opposite. Repeating the same thing over and over will only create blocks to creativity. Developing you style is super important and something that we should all strive towards but if you're in a rut it's always useful to think outside the box. How are we ever going to develop our craft if we never try anything new or attempt to challenge ourselves? With that being said, now create another mind map of crazy things you're totally not used to shooting and throw yourself into it- smash down those blocks to creativity with something new and exciting!

Be Patient

Sometimes there is no quick fix. Therefore, it is so (so so so so) important to be patient with yourself! If nothing is still coming to mind then realise that it is okay. It's easy to feel like a failure. It's easy to feel like you're in a hole that you'll never crawl out of, so step back if you need to and come back when you're ready. Give yourself affirmations in the meantime in order to remind yourself how great you are!


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