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Colour Grading in Lightroom: Here's How I Do It

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

So we're in November and in our second lockdown of the year. Last time round I didn't get as creative as I would have liked but this time it is my mission to make myself more useful.

After getting some feedback from my Instagram followers, I thought I would try something new and make some photography tutorial videos. I have previously written blog posts full of my top tips but making videos is something that is very foreign to me... believe it or not. So I suppose this lockdown is all about learning new things right? I learn to make videos and you learn some cool photography tips!?

My first video is a short introduction to colour grading in Lightroom. It features one of my favourite pictures I have taken since being let loose out of lockdown and this video details every step of how I colour graded it.

If you're completely new to colour grading in Lightroom, don't worry! Watch what I do, take it all in and have a play around with it. Trial and error may just be enough to make a great edit.


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